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Last week I was invited by the principal of my former school so I can share with his students about some ideas on how to be a better painter. Throughout my years, I have learned so many things and through the mistakes I make. If you are an aspiring painter, you have come to the right place for learning.


There are several resources that are readily obtainable by artists. They all offer information and data that you can use to your advantage. Adverts are always seen all over promising artists how that can be the best or make more sales on their paintings. The ads usually encourage painter to register for the newsletter or seminar.


Create lots of paintings


Colorful painting and brush paint


You cannot be a good painter just by reading several books, watching a video, attending a seminar, or using one doing hour painting. Although doing this add to your level of skill, the best way to be a good painter is to create lots of paintings. Painting several paintings doesn’t mean you do it in a year or two. What if you do 100 paintings in one year? What if you do 200 paintings? Making all the paintings lets you grow your sound as the painter. I spent many years developing my voice.


Becoming the best painter will not happen overnight. Even though I have been painting for almost twenty-five years, I’m in the learning process, improving and growing the skills every day. I have created several paintings and I believe to make more of those. When I hold a workshop most of my students always want to know how they can become the best painters. Well, I actually tell them that to two-fold:


  • Know the basics- the design fundamentals, color, and composition
  • Create lots of paints


There is no way you can be a good painter when you don’t know the essentials. This forms the foundation of all you do. Apart from learning the essentials, you need to take action and try out what you have learned. You paint, you fail, you learn. Also, you not be scared to fail because this is the most important area of the procedure. Accept defeat as a possible result of the test.


Painting class


Another thing that workshop students always want to know is how come I have amazing colors and theirs are dull. I always respond to them by saying that I have used a ¼ century, several working hours, and made several paintings to test. I have also created several paintings testing using color.


It is not that I’m very gifted or have lots of skills. The fact is that I have used a lot of my moments with paint. Furthermore, you cannot learn shades through books. The best way to learn shades is by mixing it at the studio. Acquaint yourself with the essentials of shade wheel. This is due to the science behind it is a success and another person has discovered it for you.


Try to apply the knowledge by practicing. Blend each color with each other shade and watch what takes place.