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I want to make a portrait of an electric skillet. But there is no such appliance in our home and I plan on getting one. I was born an artist and the fact is that once I look at something I can create perfectly. Buying an electric skillet will benefit me more. For one, I will use to create a portrait that I will sell and get some cash. Moreover, I will use it in my kitchen. If you are planning to get one, here are some reviews on the best electric skillet that I intend to buy.


Precise Heat 16-InchPrecise Heat 16-Inch

This is one of my preferred electric skillets. It features a stainless steel cap that makes sure your food stays warm for an extended time and stays safe. And because of the stainless steel, the skillet will last for an extended period to ensure you get value for your cash. The skillet also comes with a broad cooking surface that allows you to cook different foods simultaneously. Apart from that, this skillet comes with non-slide feet that ensure the skillet remains stable on the ground.


The skillet’s handles are coated to make it easy for you carry it without burning your hands. Apart from that, the handle insulations are also heatproof and thus they are durable. There is a flexible temperature control that lets cook food evenly and at your pace.




  • It is easy to use
  • The handles are insulated and thus they prevent burning of your hands
  • The lid preserves your meal and maintains it warm for an extended period
  • The cooking surface is large and hence allows you to cook different foods simultaneously
  • The skillet stays stable on the ground thanks to the non-slide feet




  • It might not supply heat to the base of the dish


Nesco’s ES-08 Electric SkilletNesco’s ES-08 Electric

Do you want to purchase a skillet that will give you value for your cash? This will suit you. Its inside is non-stick and is effortless to clean ensuring that you spend less time cleaning. The deep high inside is ideal for frying or roasting. Furthermore, this electric skillet comes with a sturdy cap that has a stay cool grip and protection vent. This ensures that you will not get burnt when carrying it.


The skillet’s cap is dishwasher safe. You will also love the fact that this skillet has an adjustable temperature control feature that helps you to cook at your pace. Therefore, the food will be cooked evenly. Read these reviews




  • This skillet warms up fast
  • Cleaning the skillet is easy and quick
  • It is ideal for frying and roasting
  • The temperature is adjustable
  • Allows you to have evenly cooked food
  • The lid is dishwasher safe
  • It prevents burning your hands because of its stay cool handles




  • It doesn’t have an automatic shut off


Proctor Silex’s 38526


My last review will focus on this electric skillet from Proctor Silex. It comes with a fourteen by fourteen-inch cooking area to ensure you can cook as much food as you want. The skillet features flexible heat to ensure that you can cook at your speed and your food gets cook evenly. The lid of the skillet is of tempered glass ensuring you can easily view your food as it continues to cook. Also, this skillet saves the cleaning time as it is dishwasher safe. This skillet is one of the favorites since it has stainless steel handles that last long. Check it here.




  • It is easy to use
  • The handles are long lasting
  • Cleaning this electric skillet is easy and quick
  • It allows you to adjust the temperature
  • It has a large cooking area
  • The skillet has an attractive design




  • The handles of the skillet can be very hot



When you are looking to buy an electric skillet for frying or roasting, it is important that you know what to look in a good skillet. Safety is important and that is why you should consider purchasing a skillet that has insulated handles. Also, if you love having your meals at a later time, get a skillet with a lid that will help to keep your food warm. Get your skillet from